HELP !! How do we choose our first dance? Where do we start ? So many good songs to choose from … I never thought it was going to be this difficult !

LIVE OR MP3 ?  Your main starting point is finding out if your band will be playing it live, or offering it on MP3 - If having it live is important to you, this is a good question to ask before booking your band. With us in Entourage Wedding Band ( we offer to learn & perform your first dance LIVE for you.  Sometimes, couples have come to us and said, "we know you guys will do a great job on it, but the original is the dream ... is this OK?" And of course it is!  We take no offence!  We'll look after it all for you. We’ll announce to your crowd that you've opted for the original … and we'll be on stage, rallying the crowd in the same way as if we were performing it live. This is standard practice with most bands.  Luckily the irish wedding band scene is bursting with talent … and you’ll find a huge range of quality irish wedding bands to choose from on We're a proud member of same … and its listed bands have the added reassurance that they have one lineup and therefore one booking per date.

What if the song, doesn't suit my chosen band but I love them ?  You'll have to consider the lineup the band offers, when matching your first dance song, to your band. This could possibly be the reason for choosing that particular band in the first place - Or you simply match your first song, to suit the band … find a song that showcases all of their talents.  I’m sure they will have a list of suggestions for you that they’ve done before and work great. No matter what your request, they know their sound and will be able to tell you really quickly if it’s doable for them or not. 

The next option is to play the first song on mp3 - Now as a singer, this wouldn't necessarily be my preferred option ... but it definitely has its benefits. One things for sure … there will be no surprises. This option is particularly appealing to couples, who have gone to dance classes, as it will be exactly as you practiced.  For those couples, it definitely takes the pressure off a bit.

THEIR SONG ...?  For some lucky couples out there … the choice is easy … they have ‘THEIR Song’ … But how on earth did it become 'THEIR SONG'.
Let’s face it, not everyone has 'A Song' - And if you do, it might not necessarily be a romantic or lyrically suitable option. From someone who has helped couples pick their wedding music for many years ...what i know for sure is, if you are struggling, you are not alone. My guess is at least 70% struggle and it’s nothing to do with how musical you are. I come from a very musical background and my husband & I, struggled to choose our first dance song. For us, about 4 songs appealed as much as the other, so it was tricky to pick one from the pack!

Should i pick a classic?  It’s a safe choice … Something timeless, like At Last by Etta James, Elvis Cant Help Falling in love, Al Greens Let’s stay together, Still the one by Shania Twain, Amazed by Lonestar … are all strong choices that still get huge radio play.  Personally, I love a good classic. And don’t feel like you can go too wrong with any of them. There are also many amazing covers of classic songs on Spotify nowadays - It's all at your finger tips, so get browsing for that modern or acoustic take on a tried and tested classic … run it by your band & it could be the perfect balance you’re looking for.

What about something fast?  This is becoming more & more popular - some even opt to do a mashup of the slow acoustic version for the first minute (usually verse and chorus), and then kick into the fast version - we've done this recently with ‘Heaven’, 'Simply The Best' and Whitney Houstons 'I Wanna Dance with Somebody'. All times it went down a treat - a pleasant surprise for your guests - and once you gear your bridal party to bring the energy and join you when the music kicks in ... everyone else should follow suit, and you're on your way!

What about something more current ? Taylor Swift is getting a good look in lately with Love Story. Or Lady Gaga ‘Always Remember Us This Way’ is staying strong. To be fair, the last 10 years has churned out some strong love songs with good staying power, You are the Reason by Callum Scott & Leona Lewis remains popular … Ed Sheerans Tenerife Sea or Perfect, Kodaline the One, Warm Coronas, Coldplays ‘Sky full of Star’ - they all work.

Can we skip it altogether …. ?  Well you can … but that sounds a little extreme and counter productive, if your priority is kicking the night off in style. However unwilling you are to be the centre of attention ... you are the stars of the show :)  A good band will put even the most nervous of couples at ease… And it’s a nice way to round off your wedding video. Trust me when you look back at your video in years to come … you’ll be glad to look at how young, gorgeous and full of happiness you both were.

Let’s be honest … Will anyone even remember my choice ? It sounds mad, but probably not. Certainly not longterm … unless you pick something totally wacky or they are very close to you. Of all the weddings you’ve attended as a guest... you might not remember the song … but you’ll remember the atmosphere, if the band was good & the dancefloor was full … and that’s what counts!

Still sounds nerve wrecking ...? Then ask your band how they kick off the night ... this is the expertise that you are hiring when you pick the right band. When i come across anxious couples with Entourage Wedding Band (  … we get our couples to stay to the side, as we rally the crowd. We’ll get a big circle going with some bouncy / fun music... We announce them in as their chosen song starts … invite the bridal party to join you by the first chorus, & everybody else by the next chorus.  We’ll have them waving their hands for your videographer and cheering you on throughout. The momentum will carry you through … you'll blink, and it will be over. We then kick straight into something lively, and VOILA !! WE HAVE THEM!!  You've danced for a whopping 60-90 seconds on your own ... and now your prize is the dancefloor is hopping within minutes & your guests didn’t even agree to start dancing yet ! Now that doesn’t sounds too bad, does it !

If you take anything from this blog let it be, if you know what you want, discuss it with your band before booking them. And when it comes to song choice ... it doesn't have to be THE SONG ... It just has to be A SONG - pick something that you simply both like, and feel comfortable moving to. Before the big day, give it a trial run … prance around the kitchen or living room and see how you both feel about it. You will find the perfect song that you can move naturally to - and if in doubt just look at eachother, sway & smile!  

That‘s always a good look !

Jenny the Singer xxx

Here is a collection of popular song choices in no particular order ...

Lady Gaga Always remember us this way

Lonestar Amazed

Natalie Cole An everlasting love

Robbie Williams Angels

John Denver Annie song

Luke combs Better together

Rascal Flatts Bless the Broken Road

Elvis version can't help falling in love

Girl version can't help falling in love (piano)

Michael Buble Everything

Bryan Adam's everything i do, i do it for you

James Arthur Falling like the stars.

Willie nelson / Dolly Parton From Here to the Moon and Back

Enrique Inglacius Hero

Ruelle i get to love you

imagjnery future. I Knew This Would Be Love

Elvis i can't help falling in love with you

Dusty Springfield i only wanna be with you

Alicia Keys If I ain't got you

Bret Young Incase you didn't know

Sixpence the richer Kiss Me

Al Greene Lets stay together

Bergen's More than a woman

Ed Sheeran Perfect

James Arthur Say you won't let go

Tina Turner simply the best' accoustic version

Ben E King Stand By Me

Duet Tale as Old as Time

Kodaline The One

Brandi Carlile The Story

Cindy Lauper Time after time

The Coronas Warm

Ronan Keating When You Say Nothing At All

Ray La Montaigne You are the best thing

Duet You are the reason

Shania Twain You kiss me

Shania Twain You're still the one

kaleb and Kelsey) Dance with me

Bon Jovi Skinny Love

Rolling Stones Dead flowers

Slash Gotten (featuring adam levine)

Beatles Get Back

Lou Bega Mambo no: 5

Cranberry's Dreams

Picture This Never Change

Lewis Capaldi Pointless

Jason Meraz I won't give up

The Chicks travelling soldier

Jack Johnson Better Together

Luke Burr (bob marley sccoustic cover) i wanna love you

whitney houston i wanna dance with somebody

coldplay sky full of stars