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Let There Be Music!

One The Best Wedding Bands Dublin, Galway, Ireland Has To Offer

Cherish The Melodies Of A Very Special Day With Entourage Wedding Bands Dublin

We belive we are on of the best Wedding Bands in Ireland. The songs and the music in weddings are what truly enlivens the joyous moments, enclosing them in a melodious bundle. Something to remember fondly, to cherish. Whether it’s the soft, sentimental tunes or the foot-stomping groovy beats, music always imparts a special feeling… in some way for someone.


Irish Wedding Band Entourage is here to deliver the perfect ambience for weddings and private parties, with personalised mix of songs and instrumental numbers of diverse modes and genres, all lined up especially according to you and your guests’ listening pleasure.

wedding bands irelandIndeed, performing wedding music Ireland is our forte, but we widely perform at other events also, including corporate parties, birthdays, graduation day celebrations, welcome home parties, baby showers, and all kinds of occasions and celebrations.

Entourage is led by our female vocalist, Jenny Cullen, who is an award-winning singer and live performer, along with the soulful tunes of Mr Ken O’Brien’s guitar on lead, and after-hours DJing, we combine fine-tuned, amplified music, and use high-quality equipment that fills up the room with elegant Sound of Music, sans any loud clamour.

We Perform All Across Ireland

We travel all across Ireland. So whether you are looking for wedding bands in Galway, wedding bands in Leinster, wedding bands in Cork or wedding bands in Dublin… or some other city, we can come down for you.

Experience The Alternative Music Along With Other Genres!

Many times, we have been referred to as one of the top alternative wedding bands in Ireland, but our setlist includes many other genres, including country, soul and waltz. We have a special place for 90s Old-School pop numbers and Party tracks that are highly requested.

 On a standard frame, we play between 9.30pm and 12.30am. Followed by a short break, and later provide DJing up until 2am. Thus we cover a complete package of the evening show, with lively, mood-lifting and floor-filling music of your choice. Please refer to our setlist to select your song lineup or your “first song”. And if you are looking for any special song(s), then feel free to contact us, and we will try our best to arrange the track for you T&C Applied. 

Find The Most Reasonable Wedding Band Cost In Ireland

Entourage is among the top wedding bands in Ireland that offer you the most memorable experiences within a reasonable cost and transparent price policies.


We do not believe that we are the best wedding bands Ireland has to offer, because we share a common ground with other musicians, where we all stand with our individual qualities and passion, and no one can really compete or be beyond one another. But how we deliver our services, our professionalism evinces our excellence and be “one of the best”.